Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Those Less Uncommon

Remember how we all are told right from the day we totter down to the kindergarten, how this life is lot less ordinary and we don't just have to be a face in the crowd. High hopes and aspirations of all and sundry are inflicted upon us till we finally start believing in this hackneyed adage.

It was after a long time today, when I could sit back and rummage through the tidings around the globe and believe me, i could really sense this life less ordinary. The whole world is worried about plummeting stock markets, OBAMA and Mc CAIN, Iran and Iraq, Afghanistan, Iceland, AIG an what not. And why not? "If you got to make it big, worry about every little thing that can change your life", is what our parents used to postulate. Uncommon events help shaping up history, they add meaning and substance to the epochal references and help us evaluate ourselves in the light of the way things shape up. Sounds Great! Ain't it?

Just then my stock broker called me to ask if i needed a new account to capitalize on the uncommon that's going around at the stock market. Suddenly a realization of preponderance of so much "uncommon" around made me muse about the "less uncommon". The loving thy neighbor, the lying on the grass and ruminating about the girl next door and what not! Isn't it equivocally true how we have tried so much to achieve the uncommon that the common is so surprisingly elusive. Perish the thought, and lets not get all entangled into this philosophically irksome conundrum. Lets just get on with our lives and kill people in the name of an "uncommon holy war", "religious orientation" and what not.

This way at least our progeny(coming generations) would be able enjoy the merriment of lying on the beach not worrying about some magnanimous company getting bankrupt or someone dying off a bomb-blast for no reason at all, and at the same time they will call it the "uncommon" of their times. What Say ???

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