Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Great Solution

I must candidly admit that my earlier reference to the so-called excesses of Mr. Raj Thakrey was rather cynical. "Please forgive me Raj, I really believe that your perceptions and ideologies are not totally wrong. All they are just a little misdirected"

The sheer vigor and passion with which you have taken up the cause of "Marathi Manoos" is adulatory. It is indeed heartening to see how you wish to protect the interests of Maharashtrian people against the so called insurgency by the motley crowd of people from sundry states, specially UP and Bihar.

Now that you have been arrested for hooliganism against some guiltless students appearing for a government examination (which is indeed their fundamental right), you have earned more respect in my eyes than ever before. I know you'll wiggle your way out of the jail sometime soon, but let us utilize the time you are now going to spend in jail for some counseling that I have in store for you to save you form any future discomfort and disgrace like the present one.

Why don’t you try joining the army as anti insurgency officer on special duty. Our country is already riled with problems of insurgency and naxalism all along the borders of Pakistan and Bangladesh . This way your basic ideology will remain same, just that you will now have to look into the interests on a "Bharatiya Manoos", and given the passion and gusto that you possess I have absolutely no doubts that you'll make lie hell for terrorists and naxalites just like you have for the innocent Bihari's in Maharashtra.

This way it will be a total and complete win -win situation for all. Firstly you'll get all the publicity and popularity you are trying to achieve on a pan- India level. Secondly no future arrests for you as you'll be a public servant on special duty. Thirdly we'll be addressing some actual problem that need precedence over your pixilated drama for some cheap publicity and political leverage.

And Last but not the least, if you succeed in this venture then you might contact some out-of-power military dictators from around the world for some future counseling.Well the future is bright. Isn't it?

What say again Mr. Thakrey????

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Shivani said...

Exactly Mayank!!
And one more thing Mr. Thakrey... being an 'Anti Insergency Officer' working for 'Bhartiya Manoos' perhaps you get a chance and a way to Delhi, above your regional porfolio...you alreaday posess quite a lot of populist formulas.. so what say Mr. Thakrey???