Saturday, February 23, 2008

We the People

Isn't it ironical, or so it seems to read the words "we the people of India" so haughtily placed in the opening lines of our constitution and which have started to sound intriguing to me. After what transpired in Maharashtra in wake of the anti north-Indian comment by Mr. Raj Thakrey, I believe that things are finally going just the way he wanted.

I am quite naive politically to judge the outcome of this bizarre episode but to the best of my knowledge Mr. Thakrey Junior will be able to garner a few extra votes from i-don't-know-which zealous section of the society.

Another aftermath that could possibly arise from this public stunt could be that more and more netajis, not excluding Mr. Senior Thakrey, would embark upon a similar slew of invectives with domino effect through the entire territory of India trying to annex a profitable vote bank.

But the moral of the story is there's got to be a solution. May be a constitutional amendment or something more concrete. Lets face it Mr. Thakrey, this is exactly what you probably want. That having been said i am eagerly waiting for that proposed 28 word amendment in the constitution ( one word each state ) which would really be the last plausible solution to this never-ending controversy about who is in whose state.

So, get ready, the constitution is about to start by words like , "We the people of Maharashtra, UP, Bihar , MP, Karnataka........"...

What say Mr. Thakrey ???