Wednesday, April 09, 2008

God is in the Details

A couple of days back I came across an interesting piece of news stating that a new sex-education manual (sans details) for senior secondary students has been issued by the health ministry which is a toned down version of the earlier manual which was deemed too explicit and odious by a few vigilant sections . To the best of my recollection it was also mentioned rather boastfully that the word "intercourse" only seldom occurs in the renewed version of the manual and the entire thing has been made far less pictorial.

Hilarious, rather paradoxical as it sounded to me I kept wondering the culmination of all this by the time it finally reaches the students and is taught to them compulsorily. With a paucity of teachers who are not very happy with the idea of imparting the "ultimate truth of mankind" to the over-curious students (thanks to all the flutter of youth and extraneous reasons including piracy bollywood masala and internet ) and an oversensitive moral brigade who seem to flinch and feel offended by the very idea I am not very sure anything is really going to make a big difference to the present condition.

What is the point if we don’t call a spade a spade. And if in the process of trying to call it one why do we want to be less descriptive and pictorial. Lets see the odds against keeping it too "explicit" (as some would like to call it). May be, while trying to be honest we might have to deal with a few unwanted erections or offensive slobbering by the ardent learners. Or on the alternate there might be accidental or impassioned practical sessions during or after the classes. Preposterous indeed!!

But is this not exactly what is happening everywhere; ill -informed teens in multitudes with all the naïve curiosity and delusion about sex are resorting to unprotected and uninformed sex leading to a number of unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases. Sex being the most staple craving of a human being is unavoidable. Who rendered sex education to Adam and eve? Lets get practical, the idea behind imparting sex-education is to curb the ignorance about a few aspects of sexual relations to be kept in mind while practicing it and not exactly to disseminate the information about how-to- do -it which comes naturally to us. And that can happen only if we stick to the details. (every single one of them)

What say Mr. Ramadoss???