Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Eternal Stupefaction!!

I was not very surprised indeed to learn about a British teenager's rape and murder story at Anjuna Beach, Goa, perhaps it somehow invoked an ire inside me. It was reported that the teenager was under the influence of drugs (which are now being peddled and sold in Goa like peanuts). But what if may be its was not a destitute teenager who got drunken stupid to make a folly out of her own life, may be it was all the rest of us who were. (borders nationality religion notwithstanding)

Puritans have looked critically at the entire episode as failure of the state administration and a dissemination of a pervert culture by some foreign tourists and drug lords. However I couldn't help but look at it differently.

Sad but true, our youth culture is stupendously under he influence of bollywood and we under an illusion that this culture is benign so far we can censure and cut down the nudity and indiscriminate cloth-shedding. Then comes some other social mores and the so-called moral police regulations that we as youth of this responsible country should abide by.

However as matter of fact the entire society is befuddled and intoxicated to such levels where they are unable to see that there is something far more toxic than nudity that is corrupting the spongy young minds other than and all exclusive of Nudity (which we are so hell-bent on eradicating like some kind of a disease.)

To quote a few examples...

Not a lot of parents tell their children that money does not make all the difference and life is not all about a quest for making money and that too with hard work knowledge and perseverence. (And the vicious circle continues...)

Not even a single "bollywood ishtyle" flick that I happen to watch at any given time, could romp home the message that shortcuts do not make a life...

Not a lot of teachers in our country are ready and comfortable with imparting sex-eduction to senior students.

Not a lot of finishing schools have sprung up in our country unlike the omnipresent coffee-kiosks and hookah-joints.

And the story is unending...

But too good that now we know a few things we've got to deal with after the hang-over

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shivamgoel said...

the line of thought in which u mention tht 'there are hukkah joints bt no finishing schools...
there are teachers bt they dnt teach abt sex to teens'
is impressive..bt it wud be gud if u post more often..